Thursday, February 5, 2009

Daddy Daddy ………padosi ne firse maara (The neighbour hit me again)

The line looks alright for a kid who has been tormented by her neighbor but when a 60 year old country start doing that we instantly know that there is something wrong with the way things are going.

If you still didn’t get it I am referring to the actions (or should I say inaction) and reactions of our government 2 and half months post 26/11. It’s baffling that a country which boasts of a growth matched by few across the globe, a country having a population of more than a billion and a country which is fast becoming a major force on the world stage can only cry foul and do nothing about it.

Frankly I am sick and tired of our ministers running to America and garnering support so that they fight our war. It’s been a routine that the news channels bring some gora on their screen who is more than willing to say things we want to hear to come on TV. We are winning …we are winning …seriously .Seriously can anyone else in this planet help us? The answer is NO. There might be some noises here and there to make different countries sound deeply concerned and with us but what beyond that.

The leadership has to realize that the world only respects those who take action on their own – crying like a 6 year old will not help our 60 year old country in any way. Look at Israel – they took action and WHAT action, and then went to the world to justify .Let me make it clear I am in no way endorsing what Israel is doing in Ghaza but I want to make a point. US or any country in the world can only help you if and only if you help yourself. Its not a coincidence that all of a sudden almost all the western countries who thought India to be untouchable cannot stop singing tunes of their great inbuilt friendship with India after our economic turnaround and nuclear empowerment.